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Our main Services

Packing & Unpacking Services :

GGati Jakhar Packers and Movers, Delhi based Packers and Movers Company, enables worry and hassle free packing and moving services for you. Our company is renowned for reliability and swiftness. Though some people might think that they do not require the assistance of professional packing and moving services provider, and are capable of packing their house or workspace without assistance, but when moving; the need to hire a professional packing service might be the way to go.
As one of the best packing and moving services pack your home in one day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with and out of boxes.

Loading and Unloading Services:

Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers offer Loading Unloading Services in all the locations. It is one of the most renowned companies that have good backing from all the customers that have utilized its services. After all for a packing and moving company to be successful it is not only important to be good in that field, rather it is equally important to excel in the field of loading and unloading. After all what would you think is the utility of packing and relocating the goods efficiently, if there are no efficient workers who can handle the loading and unloading of the goods effectively? Companies of Loading and Unloading services in Delhi present a scenario where the packing of all the goods have been done very efficiently, and all the goods are appropriately packed in boxes that are meant for them. There is also bubble packing provided and everything is done to ensure that there is no chipping or breakage of expensive china or delicate essentials while packing.

Car Transportation:

Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers also ensures that the transit vehicle carrying your car is driven by qualified drivers who can further protect it from any accidental mishaps. & if for any reason the mishap does happen we have insurance cover for that too. We offer transit insurance which comes at 1.5% premium. We also offer comprehensive insurance that occurs due to any mishandling faults, this comes at 3% premium.
Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers offer car transportation services across the country. All major cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, and Hyderabad are well connected.


It is very heartening to see movers and packers; with all your household possessions; drive off to your new home. Till the time the truck reaches the destination safely and all the items are unpacked, there is a persistent nagging thought in your mind regarding the well being of your prized possessions. “Will they reach safely? How many bone china mugs would be chipped?” These are some of the thoughts in home makers mind.

We at Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers Company really understand all this, because we know that in spite of all the precautions taken, some untoward incidents can happen and they can impact the transit merchandise. Even though best packing and moving services can offer their optimum services; still CALAMITIES CAN HAPPEN.

Clients say

"I have received all my goods on time and in good condition. Thanks for providing good professional services which helped me in my smooth relocation from Uaipur to Delhi. Your staff was also helpful and professional. I will surely use your services in future and will recommend others to use your services.
Manoj Rahar
"Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers are great when it comes to relocation. They are prompt, right from the survey of goods to packing, loading, unloading, moving and re-arranging of goods in your new home."
Bhim Rathor

Why choose us

Quality Packing Materials
The packing method of Gati Jakhar Packers is top quality. This allows us to ensure the utmost care of all your belongings. We know how important your life is and moving it safely and securely is our number one priority. Learn more about our other quality moving and storage services.
Our Commitment to Quality
Since it started almost 10 years ago in Raipur, Provincial Moving & Storage has been committed to quality service. Improving the quality of our moving and relocation services, reducing the damage during a move and improving the moving guidance services offered to our all clients is key to ensuring client satisfaction.
Our Excellent Staff
A smoothly run removals process depends on the service carried out by all our teams. We employ skilled and efficient personnel, from the packers to the office workforce and management. Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers heavily invests in training its employees. Learn more about our staff excellence.
A Worldwide Network
Our worldwide network of 140 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. Our extensive network not only increases our control over operations, but enables us to considerably reduce our use of agents, while maintaining consistent quality in our service.
24/7/365 Support
Our dedicated customer support team are available 24X7/365 days for you. From its registered office at Raipur and through a network of branch offices in Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and other prominent locations. We provide the packing and moving service for both the household as well as the commercial purpose. We feel extremely satisfied when we see a big satisfied smile into the faces of our valued customers. We have established separate department of customer services to answer your queries 24×7 so that you get most accurate information of the status of your goods.
Gati Jakhar Packers and Movers Provide Packing-Unpacking Loading Unloading, Warehousing, Home/Car Relocation and many others in all the major cities like Pune, Hyderabad Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Cochin, etc.